94Choosing a celebrant is a very personal matter. Your choice may be influenced by geographic location or a preference for a male or female celebrant. Questions you may have could include:

How much does a ceremony cost?

There are no set fees for Civil Marriage Celebrants so price is not always an accurate guide when choosing your celebrant. Just like the photographer, reception, limousines etc. how much you pay depends on what you want and when and where you want it. However, check that any quoted price includes everything you require – a rehearsal, all documentation, use of a quality P.A. system etc.

I offer a professional standard of service and you will find my fees are competitive, fair and reasonable.I am happy to quote by phone or email and offer an obligation-free first interview.

It is my policy to conduct only one ceremony per day so you will have my complete, personal attention. I always plan to arrive around 30 minutes before the ceremony to ensure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible.

Will our ceremony be especially written for us?

Some celebrants only offer a range of pre-written ceremonies. Many couples prefer a celebrant who will provide them with sample ceremonies, readings, vows etc. to help them design a unique ceremony.

I will provide you with plenty of guidance, sample ceremonies etc. A simple step-by- step plan will help you design your own unique ceremony that will be exactly as you want it.  Alternatively, I can provide a range of standard ceremonies that can be adapted to your needs.

What qualifications should our celebrant have?

The Federal Attorney General’s Department appoints Civil Marriage Celebrants, after they have met a set standard of training. Some celebrants have trained with a Registered Training Organization, some have completed a TAFE course, while others have a university degree.

I hold a Gradate Diploma of Arts (Civil Ceremonies) from Monash University – the only university course for celebrants in Australia. I have also worked in a Registered Training Organization training other marriage celebrants.

Is our celebrant’s experience important?

Obviously everyone has to start in his or her chosen vocation at some time and a newly appointed celebrant may have great enthusiasm. On the other hand, a more experienced celebrant may give you greater confidence and may be better able to handle any difficult situation that may arise.

I was registered in 2004 – long enough to give me plenty of experience, recent enough to keep me keen and enthusiastic.

Are there professional standards for marriage celebrants?

There are a variety of professional organizations for celebrants and most marriage celebrants usually belong to at least one of these. While this does not guarantee your celebrant will be perfect, these organizations have high expectations of their members. All marriage celebrants must also comply with the Attorney General’s “Code of Practice” and there is a complaints process through the AG’s department should you have a complaint or concern about your celebrant.

I belong to the AFCC – Australia’s largest Celebrant organization. I also have membership with the CCGA, an association for celebrants who graduated from the Monash University course.

Making Your Choice

Your choice of celebrant will be influenced by many variables. Ultimately your choice may come down to a simple question: is the celebrant someone who understands what you want and with whom you both feel comfortable and confident?

Where do we start?

Contact me and I will then advise you on what you need to do and what documentation you need to start the process of getting married.